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Democracy Burlesque has been performing as a political satire group for over 3 years now. This blog is here for members of Democracy Burlesque to talk about their experiences, for guests of the group to visit and share thoughts, and for the general public to learn about and get a taste of some of the funniest political satire happening in the Midwest - - or anywhere.

Merry Christmas: Food Bank Crisis 2007

I tip my hat to our master blogger, who pointed this out to me - and the New York Times has verified: the Bush White House's Department of Agriculture has lost many of its surpluses, leaving food banks across the U.S. to scrape and claw this holiday season. Story here: Food Banks, In A Squeeze, Tighten Belts

So YOU have a chance to help, just a little bit, by bringing some canned goods, gift certificates, etc., to the December DEMOCRACY BURLESQUE show. As we did last year, we're going to help Rogers Park's Housing Opportunities for Women for this show, and besides also bringing children's gifts with you, the food drive will be especially important and constructive.

But even if you can't make it December 11 (and why can't you?!?!), think of the various Chicago food banks and organizations with food banks, raid your pantries, and take an extra trip to Costco this month.

It's a great way to contribute!

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