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Democracy Burlesque has been performing as a political satire group for over 3 years now. This blog is here for members of Democracy Burlesque to talk about their experiences, for guests of the group to visit and share thoughts, and for the general public to learn about and get a taste of some of the funniest political satire happening in the Midwest - - or anywhere.

Newspost - From the Radical Moderate!

Yeah we disagree on some key issues (he is/was a Republican after all) but one can respect the idea of a politician seeking to represent the views of his constituents, he has been elected time after time based on his record and platform and has split from his party on a number of issues in the past (the stimulus package in particular). There is plenty of evidence that Arlen is in fact just following the people he represents as Pennsylvanians have been leaving the republican party in droves since before the November election . As a result, TRM would like to believe Mr. Spectre's Party switch is genuinely because he finds himself and his constituents' needs better met by the Dems and not just because he is being challenged in the republican primaries. Have you looked at the guy running against him? He's a neo-conservative nightmare!

SO! Show a little support for a politician putting his money where his mouth is when it comes to representing the people in his state (Pennsylvania did go strongly in Obama's favor last November after-all). Give him the benefit of the doubt, take him at his word and reserve the snarking and questioning of his motives until his future actions deserve it.

That's right you extra Lefty folks! Calm Down! Some of you are already frothing at the mouth to cut Arlen off at the knees, and for what? Agreeing with you for once? Getting the Dems closer to a filibuster proof majority? Hopefully helping pass genuine health care reform? Likely voting strongly along party lines at least until the mid-terms? Consider your options and really think before you go for blood. You go after him and create a party destroying fracas in Pennsylvania and you could end up with Toomey and that would be far far worse than having a democrat who breaks with the party on a vote from time to time. In other words, Don't cut off your nose to spite your face.


Rantings From - The Radical Moderate

Why is everyone Freaking out! I know times are tough, the future is in question and the planet is in trouble but seriously what happened to common sense and patience?

Its barely 100 Days into the Obama Administration and you'd think everything that has been done is all we'll ever see and the rest of the term is forfeit. Both sides Need to calm the F- down!

This is what I am hearing -

On the Right: OMG we've elected a Communist! Western Democracy Is Dead and Obama Killed it Single handedly so he can usher in the New Socialist order... Soon, Christianity will be outlawed by the atheist liberals, but you'll be arrested if you ever say anything bad about Islam and Sharia law will be declared across the country... And a tax cut for 90% of Americans and restoring taxes on income over $250k to Regan era levels will cause everyone to decide they don't want to be rich anymore and every business in the country will fail!... What do you mean Torture is wrong?! Its the only thing protecting us the terrorists!!!

On the Left: OMG Nothing's happened! Obama wasn't able to just waive his hands and set everything right over night. Why isn't every member of the Bush administration in Jail?! Why isn't Cheney in a carnival dunk tank with an opportunity for everyone to throw a ball at the button to drown him instead of running a facebook page supporting torture?! Free Speech Is awesome- except when anyone on the right opens their mouth, its too much work to debate with them and educate people. Why aren't all these complicated issues about the war on terror done with?! Can't we just drop everything in Iraq and Afganistan and hope for the best? We didn't make the mess so we don't have to clean up after it!... We want change and revenge! NOT the reasoned, patient, informed and intelligent decision making we SAID we were voting for!

Ok everyone! STOP IT! Its annoying and unfunny.

If your are Mad and unsatisfied, take this little bit of advice:
Start acting the way you SAY people should act. If you have problems with what is being done... First make an honest effort to find out WHY things are being done that way THEN, if you still don't agree, get vocal in a productive way! Educate the people around you on the issues you care about and try to come up with a SOLUTION that A.) Is actually possible to make happen, B.) Causes the most good with the least amount of destruction (just because it feels good to punish your adversaries, doesn't mean you are doing anything to help make things better) AND C.) Try to think about the LONG TERM and make that integral to your solution

I believe the primary reason we are in the trouble we are now is because we as a society are so focused on the short term. If we can stop being penny-wise and pound-stupid we might create the kind of real stability we actually need.

And the Most important lesson I have ever learned is, don't forget to LAUGH! If you can't find a way to laugh ), you are in no place to help, because Laughter is the greatest medicine.

If you need help with that, remember... Poop is funny.

just the word - Poop





- The Radical Moderate