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Democracy Burlesque has been performing as a political satire group for over 3 years now. This blog is here for members of Democracy Burlesque to talk about their experiences, for guests of the group to visit and share thoughts, and for the general public to learn about and get a taste of some of the funniest political satire happening in the Midwest - - or anywhere.

TRM shares a Thought

The Radical Moderate would like to share a thought... though it is likely others have said the same, a specific link couldn't be found.

Science is the greatest tool we have to solve problems.
Faith is what allows us to believe the problems can be solved.

In other words, Faith and Science aren't mutually exclusive, they simply serve different, though vital, roles.


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  1. Faith is all we have. Science is just another kind of faith. Scientists are some of the most devout worshippers I have ever met.