Only The Politics Are Naked!


Democracy Burlesque has been performing as a political satire group for over 3 years now. This blog is here for members of Democracy Burlesque to talk about their experiences, for guests of the group to visit and share thoughts, and for the general public to learn about and get a taste of some of the funniest political satire happening in the Midwest - - or anywhere.
Be a Cause Celebre
Democracy Burlesque plays host to Chicago area charities, raising money and collecting supplies on their behalf. If you are a part of a cause that could use some money or an influx of material donations and spread the word about what you do, contact us!

Join the Mayhem!
We are always looking for contributors to the show. Writers, Graphic Artists, Political Junkies and Performers of all sorts are encouraged to contact us about contributing to Democracy Burlesque and

We Need More Bloggers!
If you have the gift of gab and political discourse and enjoy making people laugh... Let Us Know! We are looking for People to be regular contributors to the blog and there is room for additional moderators. Drop us a LINE!

Thank you for your interest and we will be looking forward to some excellent conversations.

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